Picture Maschine simulation


The maschine simulation for Creo/NC

Avoid collisions and save expensive program break-in times.
With ESCmachine you get complete control over your production process.

All essential components of the machining process are checked: 

  • Are the machine’s travel ranges sufficient?
  • Do the selected tools work? 
  • Are there collisions due to incorrect programming, kinematics of the machine (start / stop movements, swivel movements, tool change etc.), unfavorable clamping devices?
  • Is the planned component created or are there areas with contour violations or unprocessed areas?
  • Optimization potential considering the planned machine

advantages and benefits

  • easy to use
  • shortened time to market
  • quick amortization
  • flexible integration
  • supports multithreaded CPUs

machine simualtion

  • transfer of all components and tools into the simulation
  • with parameter or volume tools
  • collision check
  • up to 4 views
  • tools as 3D assembly / component
  • tools with curves CUT/NOCUT

toolpath analysis

  • analysis by tools, operation and sequences
  • toolpath order
  • scale, change or reverse tool axis
  • change orientation
  • segment length
  • feed, change in height
  • statistics

material removal

  • hybrid simulation
  • material removal for milling and turning
  • material removal information
  • coloring for tools or nc sequences

fault detection

  • Materialverletzung und Aufmaßerkennung
  • Kollisionserkennung für Halter, Verlängerung und Schneide
  • Kollisionserkennung für Werkzeug und Eilgangsbewegung im Material
  • Annäherungsalarm
  • Untersuchung spezieller Bereiche
  • Rohteil-Visualisierung
  • Messung zwischen allen Elementen

user interface

  • modern, clear user interface
  • interactive view controls
  • OpenGL grafics
  • tool positions and tool axis vectors
  • follow- and trace modes